Evolution of medicine in the 21 st century


Nile University Medical school is delighted to introduce to you her International Medical Student Congress page. This Congress has been a dream of our faculty from its onset to provide a safe haven for medical students, doctors and professionals in the field of medicine all over Nigeria to delve into different fields of research and to provide a platform for their research to be seen, heard and applied. We recognize that medicine is an ever-evolving field and this Congress gives you the platform to evolve with it not only as medical students but as creative’s, as forward thinkers and problems solvers to impact the medical field we all love and respect to save lives and even perhaps leave a legacy. This congress is our baby and this is the beginning of her journey we invite you to come along.


The vision of the international medical student congress is to equip contemporary students with expert knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to take on leadership roles in biomedical and related areas both locally and globally.


The mission of the Congress is to provide an interdisciplinary platform fostering research exchange between undergraduates, postgraduates, residents, clinicians and professors from different fields of studies and cultural background. This congress will prepare our youths for a research career by providing the opportunity to present their work, learn from one another in an internationally diverse community.

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